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دوستان عزیز برای پیدا کردن سریع مطالب مورد نظر خود، می توانید از قسمت جستجوی سریع در سایت، یک یا چند کلمه کلیدی مورد نظر خود را جستجو نمایید.
یا اینکه بر روی دو آیکون سبز رنگ "طبقه بندی موضوعات" یا "جستجوی کلمات کلیدی" در سمت راست و چپ موجود در بالای سایت کلیک نمایید...
در صورت بروز مشکل در پرداخت الکترونیکی؛ میتونید ایمیلی ، پیامکی، تلفنی یا تلگرامی بگید تا فایلتون براتون ارسال بشه.
دانلود رایگان مقالات کامپیوتر – سری سوم | تعاونی نیرومندسازی تحقیقات
طبقه بندی موضوعات
جستجوی کلمات کلیدی
چهارشنبه , 29 می 2024
آخرین مطالب
خانه -> پردازش متن -> دانلود رایگان مقالات کامپیوتر – سری سوم

دانلود رایگان مقالات کامپیوتر – سری سوم

دانلود رایگان مقالات انگلیسی رشته مهندسی کامپیوتر


351 – Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm Parallelization for Dejong Function Optimization (چکیده)
۳۵۲ – An Ensemble Classifier Approach for Static Signature Verification Based on Multi-Resolution Extracted Features (چکیده)
۳۵۳ – An Effective Slow-Motion Detection Approach for Compressed Soccer Videos (چکیده)
۳۵۴ – Camera parameters estimation in soccer scenes on the basis of points at infinity (چکیده)
۳۵۵ – Designing an Energy Efficient Prediction-based Algorithm for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۳۵۶ – FCM-Fuzzy Rule Base: A new Rule Extraction Mechanism (چکیده)
۳۵۷ – Joint Active Queue Management and Congestion Control Protocol for Healthcare Applications in Wireless Body Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۳۵۸ – A QoS Framework for Next Generation Networks based on Metro Ethernet (چکیده)
۳۵۹ – An Improvement on TCP Congestion Control Protocol for Next Generation Networks(چکیده)
۳۶۰ – Designing a Prediction-based Clustering Algorithm for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۳۶۱ – Proximity-Aware Resource Discovery Architecture in Peer-to-Peer based Volunteer Computing System (چکیده)
۳۶۲ – Queen-MAC: A quorum-based energy-efficient medium access control protocol for wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
۳۶۳ – MREEP: A QoS based routing protocol for wireless multimedia sensor networks (چکیده)
۳۶۴ – Edge/Corner Programming (چکیده)
۳۶۵ – Full Survey on SPIT and prediction of how VoIP providers compete in presence of SPITTERS using Game-Theory (چکیده)
۳۶۶ – Identification of nine Iranian wheat seed varieties by textural analysis with image processing (چکیده)
۳۶۷ – Daugman’s Algorithm Enhancement for Iris Localization (چکیده)
۳۶۸ – A Software-Based Error Detection Technique Using Encoded Signatures (چکیده)
۳۶۹ – Investigation and Reduction of Fault Sensitivity in the FlexRay Communication Controller Registers (چکیده)
۳۷۰ – Categorizing and Analysis of Activated Faults in the FlexRay Communication Controller Registers (چکیده)
۳۷۱ – A Low-Cost Fault-Tolerant Technique for Carry Look-Ahead Adder (چکیده)
۳۷۲ – A Low-Cost On-Line Monitoring Mechanism for the FlexRay Communication Protocol(چکیده)
۳۷۳ – An FSM-based Monitoring Technique to Differentiate Between Follow-up and Original Errors in Safety-Critical Distributed Embedded Systems (چکیده)
۳۷۴ – Classification of Activated Faults in the FlexRay-Based Networks (چکیده)
۳۷۵ – Fuzzy job-shop scheduling problem with Genetic algorithm (چکیده)
۳۷۶ – TDMA Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Network Using Artificial Immune System (چکیده)
۳۷۷ – Genetic Regulatory Network Inference using Recurrent Neural Networks trained by a Multi Agent System (چکیده)
۳۷۸ – FAPSWPP: یک پروتکل خرید امن کالای الکترونیکی مبتنی بر APSWPP (چکیده)
۳۷۹ – Security Analyzing and Designing GUI with the Resources Model (چکیده)
۳۸۰ – RTBIMS: Accuracy Enhancement in Iterative Multiplication Strategy for Computing Propagated Trust (چکیده)
۳۸۱ – Propagation of Trust and Confidence using Intervals (چکیده)
۳۸۲ – Exploiting Fuzzy Approximator to Head Pose Estimation (چکیده)
۳۸۳ – Multiple SEmantic IMage CAPTCHA (چکیده)
۳۸۴ – DESC: Distributed Energy Efficient Scheme to Cluster Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۳۸۵ – Using Pattern Detection Techniques and Refactoring to Improve the Performance of ASMOV (چکیده)
۳۸۶ – The Impact of Refactoring Based on Naming Pattern Detection on RiMOM Result (چکیده)
۳۸۷ – A Combined Analytical and Simulation-Based Model for Performance Evaluation of a Reconfigurable Instruction Set Processor (چکیده)
۳۸۸ – A Novel High Speed Residue to Binary Converter Design Based on the Three-Moduli Set {2n, 2n+1+1, 2n+1-1} (چکیده)
۳۸۹ – ALU-Array based Reconfigurable Accelerator for Energy Efficient Executions (چکیده)
۳۹۰ – A Local Cluster Head Election Algorithm in wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
۳۹۱ – A Distributed Token-based Scheme to Allocate critical resources (چکیده)
۳۹۲ – A Novel Generic Three-Moduli set and its Optimum Arithmetic Residue to Binary converter (چکیده)
۳۹۳ – Dual-Purpose Custom Instruction Identification Algorithm based on Particle Swarm Optimization (چکیده)
۳۹۴ – Energy-Aware Design Space Exploration of RegisterFile for Extensible Processors (چکیده)
۳۹۵ – Transaction Level Formal Verification using Timed Automata (چکیده)
۳۹۶ – Instruction and Data Cache Peak Temperature Reduction Using Cache Access Balancing in Embedded Processors (چکیده)
۳۹۷ – Securing Embedded Processors against Power Analysis based Side Channel Attacks using Reconfigurable Architecture (چکیده)
۳۹۸ – A Hybrid Clustering Approach for Prolonging lifetime in wireless sensor networks(چکیده)
۳۹۹ – Fuzzy Discrete Correlation for Document Clustering (چکیده)
۴۰۰ – Rapid Design Space Exploration of a Reconfigurable Instruction-Set Processor (چکیده)
۴۰۱ – Software-Level Instruction-Cache Leakage Reduction Using Value-Dependence of SRAM Leakage in Nanometer Technologies (چکیده)
۴۰۲ – A Novel Fuzzy Metric to Evaluate Clusters for Prolonging Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۴۰۳ – Eigenvector Selection in Spectral Clustering using Tabu Search (چکیده)
۴۰۴ – Diabetic Retinopathy Dark Lesion Detection: Preprocessing Phase (چکیده)
۴۰۵ – Developing an automatic method for separation of arteries from veins in retinal images(چکیده)
۴۰۶ – Offline Handwritten Signature Identification and Verification Using Multi-Resolution Gabor Wavelet (چکیده)
۴۰۷ – Path Normalization for Traffic Surveillance Video Retrieval (چکیده)
۴۰۸ – لحاظ نمودن محدودیت حافظه جهت زمان‌بندی بار محاسباتی تقسیم‌پذیر با در نظر گرفتن بازگشت نتایج (چکیده)
۴۰۹ – A novel congestion control protocol with AQM support for IP-based networks (چکیده)
۴۱۰ – An efficient and class based active Queue Management for next generation networks(چکیده)
۴۱۱ – Energy efficient/highly secure data aggregation method using tree-structured orthogonal codes for Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۴۱۲ – Design and simulation of OSPF routing protocol fuzzy model by two costraint: Bandwidth and queue size of router (چکیده)
۴۱۳ – Extending FUM-LD Framework by Including an Academic Data Model (چکیده)
۴۱۴ – Improving Bibliographic Search through Dataset Enrichment Using Linked Data (چکیده)
۴۱۵ – Designing a Step-by-Step User Interface for Finding Provenance Information over Linked Data (چکیده)
۴۱۶ – An Automatic Linguistics Approach for Persian Document Summarization (چکیده)
۴۱۷ – Making Diversity Enhancement Based on Multiple Classifier System by Weight Tuning(چکیده)
۴۱۸ – DDC: distance-based decision classifier (چکیده)
۴۱۹ – Computing Trust Resultant using Intervals (چکیده)
۴۲۰ – IPv6 Migration towards Developing E-Government (چکیده)
۴۲۲ – Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for MANETs (چکیده)
۴۲۳ – A Cluster Based Object Oriented Service Discovery and Advertisement proposed for MANETs (چکیده)
۴۲۴ – A Survey on How to Break Hash Functions (چکیده)
۴۲۷ – A Cluster-Based Distributed Hierarchical IDS for MANETs (چکیده)
۴۲۹ – New approach for flow control using PAUSE frame management (چکیده)
۴۳۰ – A New Approach for Web Applications Examination before Publishing (چکیده)
۴۳۱ – Routing Layer Service Advertisement Approach for MANETs (چکیده)
۴۳۲ – Hybrid hierarchical approach for addressing service discovery issues in MANETs (چکیده)
۴۳۳ – Survey and new Approach in Service Discovery and Advertisement for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (چکیده)
۴۳۵ – A New Distributed Resource Management in Mobile Grid for M-Learning (چکیده)
۴۳۶ – SHSDAP: Secure Hierarchical Service Discovery and Advertisement Protocol in Cluster Based Mobile Ad hoc Network, (چکیده)
۴۳۷ – Support Vector Regression with Fuzzy Target Output (چکیده)
۴۳۸ – Fuzzy Support Vector Regression (چکیده)
۴۳۹ – Support Vector Data Description by Using Hyper-ellipse Instead of Hyper-sphere (چکیده)
۴۴۰ – Gait Recognition Based on Invariant Leg Classification Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm as the Fusion Method (چکیده)
۴۴۱ – JSM: Job Submission Manager for Large-Scale Distributed Systems based on Game Theory (چکیده)
۴۴۲ – Feature Selection in Spectral Clustering (چکیده)
۴۴۳ – Improving performance and energy efficiency of embedded processors via post-fabrication instruction set customization (چکیده)
۴۴۴ – Rate-distortion improvement of directional wavelets by megablocking (چکیده)
۴۴۵ – Offline Signature Recognition using Modular Neural Networks with Fuzzy Response Integration (چکیده)
۴۴۶ – Vessel detection in retinal images using Radon transform and genetic algorithm (چکیده)
۴۴۷ – Camera Pose Estimation in Soccer Scenes Based on Vanishing Points and its Application in Virtual Advertisement Insertion (چکیده)
۴۴۸ – A Novel Algorithm for Linear Feature Detection in Images (چکیده)
۴۴۹ – Offline Handwritten Signature Identification and Verification Using Contourlet Transform and Support Vector Machine (چکیده)
۴۵۰ – Camera Pan and Tilt Estimation in Soccer Scenes Based on Vanishing Points (چکیده)
۴۵۱ – Relaxed constraints support vector machine (چکیده)
۴۵۲ – An extension to fuzzy support vector data description-FSVDD (چکیده)
۴۵۳ – Creating and measuring diversity in multiple classifier systems using support vector data description (چکیده)
۴۵۴ – Kernel Machine Based Fourier Series (چکیده)
۴۵۵ – Publishing Persian Linked Data; Challenges and Lessons Learned (چکیده)
۴۵۶ – Ordinary differential equations solution in kernel space (چکیده)
۴۵۷ – Nonlinear Regression Model of a Human Hand Volume: A Nondestructive Method(چکیده)
۴۵۸ – A target-based color space for sea target detection (چکیده)
۴۵۹ – Correlation based splitting criterionin multi branch decision tree (چکیده)
۴۶۰ – A general insight into the effect of neuron structure on classification (چکیده)
۴۶۱ – Model-based fuzzy c-shells clustering (چکیده)
۴۶۲ – A Detailed Review of Multi-Channel Medium Access Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۴۶۳ – Data Clustering Based on an Efficient Hybrid of K-harmonic Means, PSO and GA (چکیده)
۴۶۴ – MAC (چکیده)
۴۶۵ – Budget Constrained Scheduling of Grid Workflows Using Partial Critical Paths (چکیده)
۴۶۶ – A Fast Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm based Approach for Energy Efficient QoS-Routing in Two-tiered Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۴۶۷ – An Agent-Based Framework for Automated Testing of Web-Based Systems (چکیده)
۴۶۸ – Extended Decision Template Presentation for Combining Classifiers (چکیده)
۴۶۹ – Pareto front based realistic soft real-time task scheduling with multi-objective genetic algorithm in unstructured heterogeneous distributed system (چکیده)
۴۷۰ – A fuzzy approximator with Gaussian membership functions to estimate a humans head pose (چکیده)
۴۷۱ – Speaker verification system using a hierarchical adaptive network-based fuzzy inference systems (HANFIS) (چکیده)
۴۷۲ – Head pose estimation using fuzzy approximator augmented by redundant membership functions (چکیده)
۴۷۳ – Multiobjective cellular genetic algorithm with adaptive fuzzy fitness granulation (چکیده)
۴۷۴ – Perception-based evolutionary optimization: Outline of a novel approach to optimization and problem solving (چکیده)
۴۷۵ – Overlapped Ontology Partitioning Based on Semantic Similarity Measures (چکیده)
۴۷۶ – Using WordNet to determine semantic similarity of words (چکیده)
۴۷۷ – Using Pattern Detection Techniques and Refactoring to Improve the Performance of ASMOV (چکیده)
۴۷۸ – Background Estimation In Kernel Space (چکیده)
۴۷۹ – Parallel Algorithms for Automatic Database Normalization (چکیده)
۴۸۰ – Globally Optimal Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks from Data (چکیده)
۴۸۱ – A QoS-based Multichannel MAC Protocol for Two-Tiered Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۴۸۲ – Buffer Optimization in Network-on-Chip Through Flow Regulation (چکیده)
۴۸۳ – Adaptive QoS scheduling in wireless cellular networks (چکیده)
۴۸۴ – Alternative Shared Key Replacement in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۴۸۵ – A Secure Mobile Ad hoc Network Based on Distributed Certificate Authority (چکیده)
۴۸۶ – Management of Energy Consumption on Cluster Based Routing Protocol for MANET(چکیده)
۴۸۷ – A routing layer-based hierarchical service advertisement and discovery for MANETs(چکیده)
۴۸۸ – Cost-driven Scheduling of Grid Workflows Using Partial Critical Paths (چکیده)
۴۸۹ – An Automated Model Based Approach to Test Web Application Using Ontology (چکیده)
۴۹۰ – Relaxed constraints support vector machines for noisy data (چکیده)
۴۹۱ – Constraint Learning Using Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Inference System (چکیده)
۴۹۲ – A Novel Approach in Video Scene Background Estimation (چکیده)
۴۹۳ – Shell fitting space for classification (چکیده)
۴۹۴ – Camera Pose Estimation in Soccer Scenes Based on Vanishing Points (چکیده)
۴۹۵ – Publishing Persian Linked Data; Challenges and Lessons Learned (چکیده)
۴۹۶ – Publishing Data of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad as Linked Data (چکیده)
۴۹۷ – Performance Gain by making two Grid resource reservation simultaneously (چکیده)
۴۹۸ – Extending OpenMP for Agent Based DSM on GRID (چکیده)
۴۹۹ – Static Object Depth Estimation Using Defocus Blur Levels Features (چکیده)
۵۰۰ – Improvement of Camera calibration in Soccer field Using Simulated Annealinger (چکیده)
۵۰۱ – Segmentation of Blood Vessels in Fundus Color Images by Radon (چکیده)
۵۰۲ – Building ontologies from relational databases (چکیده)
۵۰۳ – Semantic Web Service Composition Based on Ant Colony Optimization Method (چکیده)
۵۰۴ – Task Execution Availability Prediction in the Enterprise Desktop Grid (چکیده)
۵۰۵ – A Linda-based Hierarchical Master-Worker Model (چکیده)
۵۰۶ – The Study of the Relations Between Grid Job Failure Patterns and Workload Characteristics (چکیده)
۵۰۷ – Job failure in grid environment based on workload characteristics (چکیده)
۵۰۸ – A Semantic Feedback Framework for Image Retrival (چکیده)
۵۰۹ – Efficient Scheduling of Task Graphs to Multiprocessors Using A Combination of Modified Simulated Annealing and List based Scheduling (چکیده)
۵۱۰ – Scheduling of scientific workflows using a chaos-genetic algorithm (چکیده)
۵۱۱ – Kernel Least Mean Square Features For HMM-Based Signal Recognition (چکیده)
۵۱۲ – Active noise cancellation of variable frequency narrow band noise using mixture of RLS and LMS algorithms (چکیده)
۵۱۳ – Study of Gabor and Local Binary Patterns for Retinal Image Analysis (چکیده)
۵۱۴ – Curve fitting space for classification (چکیده)
۵۱۵ – SVM-based Relevance Feedback for semantic video retrieval (چکیده)
۵۱۶ – Fuzzy-Bayesian Network Approach to Genre-based Recommender Systems (چکیده)
۵۱۷ – A Probabilistic Fuzzy Approach for Sensor Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۵۱۸ – Communication Protocols for Distributed Reasoning in Expert Systems (چکیده)
۵۱۹ – Tag Name Structure-based Clustering of XML Documents (چکیده)
۵۲۰ – A QoS Based Data Dissemination Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks(چکیده)
۵۲۱ – Tree Based Hierarchical and Congestion Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۵۲۲ – Fuzzy cost support vector regression on the fuzzy samples (چکیده)
۵۲۳ – Neuro-fuzzy based constraint programming (چکیده)
۵۲۴ – Intrusion Detection by Ellipsoid Boundary (چکیده)
۵۲۵ – Learning of Relevance Feedback Using a Novel Kernel Based Neural Network (چکیده)
۵۲۶ – Linear and Quadratic PSO Based Color Space Conversion for Sea Target Detection(چکیده)
۵۲۷ – A New Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm on Fuzzy Data (FHCA) (چکیده)
۵۲۸ – Emphatic Constraints Support Vector Machines for Multi-class Classification (چکیده)
۵۲۹ – Hard Real-Time Multiobjective Scheduling in Heterogeneous Systems Using Genetic AlgorithmHard Real-Time Multiobjective Scheduling in Heterogeneous Systems Using Genetic Algorithm (چکیده)
۵۳۰ – High Dimensional Problem Optimization Using (چکیده)
۵۳۱ – RRNA: reliable soft real-time network aware grid scheduling algorithm using round trip time (چکیده)
۵۳۲ – Improved DAG SVM: A New Method for Multi-Class SVM Classification (چکیده)
۵۳۳ – A Fast Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm based Approach for Energy Efficient QoS-Routing in Two-tiered Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۵۳۴ – Parallel Implementation of Eye Detection Algorithm on Color Facial Images (چکیده)
۵۳۵ – A Reliable Transport Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (چکیده)
۵۳۶ – A new modeling algorithm – Normalized Kernel Least Mean Square (چکیده)
۵۳۷ – An Eigenspace-Based Approach for Human Fall Detection using Integrated (چکیده)
۵۳۸ – A Novel Method for Iris Feature Extraction Based on Conturlet Transform and Co-occurrence Matrix (چکیده)
۵۳۹ – An automated camera calibration framework for desktop vision systems (چکیده)
۵۴۰ – A New Method for Iris Feature Extraction Based on Conturlet Transform and Non-linear Approximation Coefficients (چکیده)
۵۴۱ – Offline Handwritten Signature Identification and Verification Using Contoulet Transform(چکیده)
۵۴۲ – CPCO: Contourlet Based PCO Quantification System (چکیده)
۵۴۳ – Offline Signature Verification Using Local Radon Transform and Support Vector Machines (چکیده)
۵۴۴ – Automatic Center of Radial Distortion Estimation, Using Active Targets (چکیده)
۵۴۵ – Fuzzy Complex System of Linear Equations Applied to Circuit Analysis (چکیده)
۵۴۷ – Best Clustering Around the Color Images (چکیده)
۵۴۸ – Farsi and Arabic document images lossy compression based on the mixed raster content model (چکیده)
۵۴۹ – A Novel Forgetting Factor Recursive Least Square Algorithm Applied to the Human Motion Analysis (چکیده)
۵۵۱ – Intelligent Arrhythmia Detection using Genetic Algorithm and Emphatic SVM-ESVM(چکیده)
۵۵۲ – ECG Arrhythmia Classification with Support Vector Machines and Genetic Algorithm(چکیده)
۵۵۳ – Fisher over Fuzzy Samples (چکیده)
۵۵۴ – Fuzzy Bayesian Classification of LR Fuzzy Numbers (چکیده)
۵۵۵ – A new adjustable blind Watermarking based on GA and SVD (چکیده)
۵۵۶ – A Hybrid Method for Soccer Video Events Retrieval Using Fuzzy Systems (چکیده)
۵۵۷ – FACT: A new Fuzzy Adaptive Clustering Technique (چکیده)
۵۵۸ – By-alternative key management in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
۵۵۹ – Optimal Number of Replicas in Data Grid Environment (چکیده)
۵۶۰ – Hiding Generalized Association Rules in RDF Databases (چکیده)
۵۶۱ – A New Hybrid Recommender System Using Dynamic Fuzzy Clustering (چکیده)
۵۶۲ – A new key management scheme in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
۵۶۳ – Optimal Location for Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۵۶۴ – A Novel Congestion Control Protocol for Vital Signs Monitoring in Wireless Biomedical Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۵۶۵ – License Plate Location Recognition based on Multiagent System (چکیده)
۵۶۶ – Distributed Resource Scheduling in Grid Computing Using Fuzzy Approach (چکیده)
۵۶۷ – Fuzzy Linkage: A New Hierarchical Clustering Fuzzy Algorithm (چکیده)
۵۶۸ – Intrusion Detection by New Data Description Method (چکیده)
۵۶۹ – Ellipse Support Vector Data Description (چکیده)
۵۷۰ – A New Support Vector Data Description with Fuzzy Constraints (چکیده)
۵۷۱ – Designing Kernel Scheme for Classifiers Fusion (چکیده)
۵۷۲ – Ontology-based Distributed Intrusion Detection System (چکیده)
۵۷۳ – An Energy Efficient Data Dissemination Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۵۷۴ – Throughput-fairness tradeoff in Best Effort flow control for on-chip architectures(چکیده)
۵۷۵ – An efficient energy aware routing protocol for real time traffic in wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
۵۷۶ – A fair routing protocol using generic utility based approach in Wireless Sensor Networks(چکیده)
۵۷۷ – Fuzzy Controller Design for Proportional Loss Differentiation Services (چکیده)
۵۷۸ – Energy aware multi-path and multi-SPEED routing protocol in wireless sensor networks(چکیده)
۵۷۹ – Totally Integrated Enterprises, the Ultimate Solution for Cyber Organizations (چکیده)
۵۸۰ – Fuzzy Temperature Control in a Batch Polymerization Reactor Using ANFIS Method(چکیده)
۵۸۱ – Fuzzy Image Segmentation Using Human Interaction (چکیده)
۵۸۲ – The Wheatstone Bridge-based Analog Adaptive Filter With Application In Echo Cancellation (چکیده)
۵۸۳ – Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Designing (چکیده)
۵۸۴ – ۱D chaincode pattern matching for compression of Bi-level printed farsi and arabic textual images (چکیده)
۵۸۵ – Grid Scheduling with buddy-based resource discovery (چکیده)
۵۸۶ – Unsupervised Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System For Solving Differential Equations(چکیده)
۵۸۷ – A recurrent neural network-based method for training probabilistic Support Vector Machine (چکیده)
۵۸۸ – Efficient IRIS Recognition Through Improvement of Feature Extraction and subset Selection (چکیده)
۵۸۹ – Automatic Trafffic Camera Steering for Incident Imaging Using an Array Processing Technique (چکیده)
۵۹۰ – Improving Videophone Subjective quality Using Audio Information (چکیده)
۵۹۱ – Impact of Audio on Subjective Assessment of Video Quality in Videoconferencing Applications (چکیده)
۵۹۳ – A Hierarchical Possibilistic Clustering (چکیده)
۵۹۴ – A new Tree Clustering Algorithm for Fuzzy Data Based on Alphs-Cuts (چکیده)
۵۹۵ – An Adaptive Cross-Layer Multichannel QoS-MAC Protocol for Cluster Based Wireless Multimedia Sensor networks (چکیده)
۵۹۶ – Proportionally-Fair Best Effort Flow Control in Network-on-Chip Architectures (چکیده)
۵۹۷ – A Novel Congestion Control Scheme in Network-on-Chip Based on Best Effort Delay-Sum Optimization (چکیده)
۵۹۸ – A New Priority Based Congestion Control Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۵۹۹ – A Novel Downlink Handover Priority Scheduling Algorithm for Providing Seamless Mobility and QoS in IEEE802.16e BWA System (چکیده)
۶۰۰ – On global clustering algorithm: layer-oriented approach for First – Last node dying applications in wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
۶۰۱ – A new middleware for multipurpose applications in wireless sensor networks (چکیده)
۶۰۲ – Priority-based Rate Control for Service Differentiation and Congestion Control in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۶۰۳ – A Novel Fuzzy Logic Base Scheduling Mechanism for Service Differentiation in IP Networks (چکیده)
۶۰۴ – Web Usage Mining: User s Navigational Patterns Extraction from Web Logs Using Ant-based Clustering Method (چکیده)
۶۰۵ – A Novel Method using Contourlet to Extract Features For Iris Recognition System(چکیده)
۶۰۶ – Intelligent Video Surveillance for Monitoring Fall Detection of Elderly in Home Environments (چکیده)
۶۰۷ – A New Approach for Automatic Quality Control of Fried Potatoes Using Machine Learning (چکیده)
۶۰۸ – Grid Scheduling with buddy-based resource discovery (چکیده)
۶۰۹ – Fuzzy Cellular Background subtraction for urban Traffic applications (چکیده)
۶۱۰ – A Novel Fuzzy Background Subtraction Method Based on Cellular Automata for Urban Traffic Applications (چکیده)
۶۱۱ – An Economic Approach for Scheduling Dependent Tasks in Grid Computing (چکیده)
۶۱۲ – an agent based service discover algorithm using agent directors for grid computing(چکیده)
۶۱۳ – زمانبندی اقتصادی گردش کارها در گریدهای محاسباتی (چکیده)
۶۱۴ – AOMP: An agent based OpenMP programming (چکیده)
۶۱۵ – An Efficient Parallel Eye Detection Algorithm on Facial Color Images (چکیده)
۶۱۶ – Fuzzy Traffic Light Control Using Cellular Automata for Urban Traffic (چکیده)
۶۱۷ – Volume Measurement of Human Hand by Using Digital Image Sequences (چکیده)
۶۱۸ – ارائه روشی مبتنی بر محتوای ترکیبی (چکیده)
۶۱۹ – Semantic Fuzzy Image Segmentation Using Human Interaction (چکیده)
۶۲۰ – Gait Recognition Based on Human Leg Gesture Classification (چکیده)
۶۲۱ – Creating New Color Space Using Convex Constraint Programming Applied to Skin Color Detection (چکیده)
۶۲۲ – A Numerical Approach Based on Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Obtaining Functional Inverse(چکیده)
۶۲۳ – A Novel Unsupervised Neuro-Fuzzy System Applied to Circuit Analysis (چکیده)
۶۲۵ – An Eigenspace-Based Approach for Human Fall Detection using Integrated Time Motion Image and Neural Network (چکیده)
۶۲۶ – Tracking by a New Type of Nonlinear Adaptive Filter (چکیده)
۶۲۷ – Adaptive Data Reusing Normalized Least Mean Square Algorithm Based on Control of Error (چکیده)
۶۲۸ – A Mouth Detection Approach Based on PSO Rule Mining on Color Images (چکیده)
۶۲۹ – A New Quantized Input RLS, QI-RLS, Algorithm (چکیده)
۶۳۰ – Fuzzy Cost Support Vector Regression (چکیده)
۶۳۱ – Using pattern matching for tiling and packing problems (چکیده)
۶۳۲ – A lossy/lossless compression method for printed typeset bi-level text images based on improved pattern matching (چکیده)
۶۳۳ – Eigenvalue spread criteria in the particle swarm optimization algorithm for solving of constraint parametric problems (چکیده)
۶۳۴ – Car tracking by quantised input LMS, QX-LMS algorithm in traffic scenes (چکیده)
۶۳۵ – Pedestrian tracking using single camera with new extended Kalman filter (چکیده)
۶۳۶ – An improved pattern matching technique for lossy/lossless compression of binary printed Farsi and Arabic textual images (چکیده)
۶۳۷ – Clipped Input RLS Applied to Vehicle Tracking (چکیده)
۶۳۸ – Duct Modelling Using the Generalized RBF Neural Network for Active Cancellation of Variable Frequency Narrow Band Noise (چکیده)
۶۳۹ – License Plate Location Recognition based on Multiagent System (چکیده)
۶۴۰ – Static Parallel Job Scheduling in Computational Grids (چکیده)
۶۴۱ – Optimal Number of Replicas with QoS Assurance in Data Grid Environment (چکیده)
۶۴۳ – Incremental Hybrid Intrusion Detection Using Ensemble of Weak Classifiers (چکیده)
۶۴۴ – Balancing Load in a Computional Grid Applying Adaptive Intelligent colonies of Ants(چکیده)
۶۴۵ – Incremental Hybrid Intrusion Detection Using Ensemble of Weak Classifiers (چکیده)
۶۴۶ – Finding the differential characteristics of block ciphers with neural networks (چکیده)
۶۴۷ – Performance Analysis of Counter Synchronization in IEEE 802.11 Encryption (چکیده)
۶۴۸ – Improving Object Cache Performance through Selective Placement (چکیده)
۶۴۹ – The Study and Analysis of Effective Parameters on Camera Pose Estimation Process for Virtual Studio (چکیده)
۶۵۰ – An Iterative Geometrical Noise Cancellation Approach to Closed-form Camera Pose Estimation (چکیده)
۶۵۱ – Vehicle Recognition Based on Fourier, Wavelet and Curvelet Transform – A Comparative Study (چکیده)
۶۵۲ – Vehicle Recognition Using Curvelet Transform and SVM (چکیده)
۶۵۳ – ارزیابی الگوریتمهای Fuzzy C-means با محدودیت فاصله ای برای آشکارسازی عروق در تصاویر شبکیه چشم (چکیده)
۶۵۴ – لبه یابی تصاویر رنگی به روش بردای در فضای YUV (چکیده)
۶۵۵ – Visual Attention in Foveated Images (چکیده)
۶۵۶ – An Enhanced Retinaa Vessel Detection Algorithm (چکیده)
۶۵۷ – طراحی و ساخت یک سیستم تجاری برای آشکارسازی و شمارش خودرو با استفاده از فناوری پردازش تصاویر ویدیویی (چکیده)
۶۵۸ – A Novel Technique for Finding the 3Degree of Freedom Orientation by an Ultrasound Tracker (چکیده)
۶۵۹ – A Short Term and Long Term Learning Based on Fuzzy Transaction Repository and Feature Re-Weighting (چکیده)
۶۶۰ – An Eignspace-Based Approach for Human Fall Detection Using Integrated Time Motion Image and Multi-class Support Vector Machine (چکیده)
۶۶۱ – A Radon Transform Based Approach for Extraction of Blood Vessels in Conjunctival Images (چکیده)
۶۶۲ – Vehicle Recognition Based on Fourier, Wavelet and Curvelet Transforms – a Comparative Study (چکیده)
۶۶۳ – Fuzzy Running Average and Fuzzy Background Subtraction: Concepts and Application(چکیده)
۶۶۴ – Automatic Detection of Eggshell Defects Based on Machine Vision (چکیده)
۶۶۵ – Inside Looking Out Camera Pose Estimation for Virtual Studio (چکیده)
۶۶۶ – A Novel Algorithm on Facial Color Images for Detection Eyes (چکیده)
۶۶۷ – A Fuzzy-based Multi-criteria Scheduler for Uniform Multiprocessor Real-time Systems(چکیده)
۶۶۸ – DHA-KD: Dynamic Hierarchical Agent Based Key Distribution in Group (چکیده)
۶۷۰ – An Evolutionary Gait Generator with Online Parameter Adjustment for (چکیده)
۶۷۱ – Ant Colony Approach to Distributed Routing in Computer Network (چکیده)
۶۷۲ – Automatic Database Noramlization and primary key generation (چکیده)
۶۷۳ – Finding Optimal Grid Dimension for Partitioning Linguistic Variables of Fuzzy Concepts(چکیده)
۶۷۴ – The Monitoring System Based on Traffic Classification (چکیده)
۶۷۵ – Best Effort Flow Control in Network-on-Chip (چکیده)
۶۷۶ – A Novel Congestion Control Scheme in Network-on-Chip Based on Best Effort Delay-Sum Optimization (چکیده)
۶۷۷ – Max-Min-Fair Best Effort Flow Control in Network-on-Chip Architectures (چکیده)
۶۷۸ – A New Priority Based Congestion Control Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۶۷۹ – A Model for Differentiated Service Support in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks(چکیده)
۶۸۰ – Energy Efficient Spanning Tree for Data Aggregation in Wieless Sensor Networks(چکیده)
۶۸۱ – A New Clustering Protocol For Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (چکیده)
۶۸۲ – CFL: A Clustering Algorithm For Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۶۸۳ – Virtual Topology Reconfiguration of WDM Optical Networks Using Fuzzy Logic Control(چکیده)
۶۸۴ – Energy Efficient and Congestion Aware Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks Connected as Hypercube (چکیده)
۶۸۵ – A Novel Flow Control Scheme for Best Effort Traffics in Network-on-Chip Based on Weighted Max-Min-Fairness (چکیده)
۶۸۶ – A Reliable Transport Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۶۸۷ – Tree Based Energy Efficient and Congestion Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۶۸۸ – Automata based Energy Efficient Spanning Tree for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks (چکیده)
۶۸۹ – A Proportional Jitter Scheduling and Buffer Management Algorithm for Differentiated Services Networks (چکیده)
۶۹۰ – Multi – Expert Disease Diagnosis System (چکیده)
۶۹۱ – Ontology-Based Web Application Testing (چکیده)
۶۹۲ – A General Framework for Testing Web-Based Applications (چکیده)
۶۹۳ – Multi-agent Data Fusion Architecture for Intelligent Web Information Retrieval (چکیده)
۶۹۴ – Using Virtual Reality to Manage Broadband Telecommunication Networks (چکیده)
۶۹۵ – WWW-based 3D Distributed, Collaborative Virtual Environment for Telecommunication Network Management (چکیده)
۶۹۶ – Deadline Scheduling with Processor Affinity and Feasibility Check on Uniform Parallel Machines (چکیده)
۶۹۷ – Fuzzy Expert System in Determining Hadith Validation (چکیده)
۶۹۸ – Agricultural Expert Systems (چکیده)
۶۹۹ – Customizing ISO-9126 Quality Model for Evaluation of B2B Applications (چکیده)
۷۰۰ – An agent-based approch to grid programming (چکیده)
۷۰۱ – A new approach to intrusion detection based on an evolutionary soft computing model using Neuro-Fuzzy Classifiers (چکیده)
۷۰۲ – Abdominal distention due to omental bursitis in a calf (چکیده)
۷۰۴ – A Genetic-neuro algorithm for tiling problems with rotation and/or reflection of figures(چکیده)
۷۰۶ – A New Approach to Resource Discovery and Dissemination for Pervasive Computing Environments Based on Mobile Agents (چکیده)
۷۰۷ – A Fuzzy Algorithm for Real-Time Scheduling of Soft Periodic Tasks (چکیده)
۷۰۸ – A Fuzzy Algorithm for Scheduling Soft Periodic Tasks in Preemptive Real-Time Systems(چکیده)
۷۰۹ – Eye Detection Algorithm on Facial Color Images (چکیده)
۷۱۰ – Offline Handwritten Signature Identification Using Grid Gabor Feature and Support Vector Machine (چکیده)
۷۱۱ – Nitrate intoxication due to ingestion of pigweed red-root (Amaranthus retroflexus) in cattle (چکیده)
۷۱۲ – Effect of Air Velocity on Water Evaporation Rate in Indoor Swimming Pools (چکیده)
۷۱۳ – The Application of Users Collective Experience for Crafting Suitable Search Engine Query Recommendations (چکیده)
۷۱۴ – A Differential Boomerang Attack Against 7-round Rijndael (چکیده)
۷۱۵ – Finding suitable differential characteristics for block ciphers with Ant colony technique(چکیده)
۷۱۶ – Parallelization of Fuzzy Classical Filters for Image Noise Reduction (چکیده)
۷۱۷ – A New Fuzzy Algorithm for Global Job Scheduling in Multiclusters and Grids (چکیده)
۷۱۸ – Event Detection and Automatic Summarization in Soccer Video (چکیده)
۷۱۹ – An Iterative Geometrical Noise Cancellation Approach to Closed-form Camera Pose Estimation (چکیده)
۷۲۰ – Sugar Beet Plant Water -uptake and Plant water Relationships under Salt stress (چکیده)
۷۲۱ – Application of Fuzzy Logic Controllers in Traffic Management of Communication Networks (چکیده)
۷۲۲ – یک روش جدید برا شناخت مهاجم در شبکه با استفاده از ANFIS (چکیده)
۷۲۳ – Collaboration in Persistent Virtual Reality Multiuser Interfaces:Theory and Implementation (چکیده)
۷۲۴ – Comparing Immersive and Non-Immersive Virtual Reality User Interfaces for Management of Telecommunication Networks (چکیده)
۷۲۵ – Immersive and Non-immersive Virtual Reality Techniques Applied to Telecommunication Network Management (چکیده)
۷۲۶ – Workload Analysis of 3D versus 2D User- Interfaces for Network Management (چکیده)
۷۲۷ – Building an Enterprise Information Portal Using Open Source Software (چکیده)
۷۲۸ – Searchin Internet Using Perisan Natural Language (چکیده)
۷۲۹ – An Access Control Method for Learning Management Systems (چکیده)
۷۳۰ – A Novel Resource Advertisement and Discovery Model for Ubiquitous Computing Environments using Mobile Agents (چکیده)
۷۳۱ – A Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier for Intrusion Detection Systems (چکیده)
۷۳۲ – Intrusion Detection Based on Neuro Fuzzy Classification (چکیده)
۷۳۳ – Decetralised Approaches for Network Management (چکیده)
۷۳۴ – Experiencing Small-Scale e-Democracy in Iran (چکیده)
۷۳۵ – A Novel Resource Dissemination and Discovery Model for Pervasive Environments Using Mobile Agents (چکیده)




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