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دوستان عزیز برای پیدا کردن سریع مطالب مورد نظر خود، می توانید از قسمت جستجوی سریع در سایت، یک یا چند کلمه کلیدی مورد نظر خود را جستجو نمایید.
یا اینکه بر روی دو آیکون سبز رنگ "طبقه بندی موضوعات" یا "جستجوی کلمات کلیدی" در سمت راست و چپ موجود در بالای سایت کلیک نمایید...
در صورت بروز مشکل در پرداخت الکترونیکی؛ میتونید ایمیلی ، پیامکی، تلفنی یا تلگرامی بگید تا فایلتون براتون ارسال بشه.
کتاب semantic-web-and-ontology | تعاونی نیرومندسازی تحقیقات
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چهارشنبه , 29 می 2024
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کتاب semantic-web-and-ontology

ISBN: 978-87-403-0827-3
1 edition
Pages : 107Description


This book is intended for undergraduate engineering students who are interested in exploring the technology of Semantic web. The book simplifies the tough concepts associated with Semantic web and hence it can be considered as the base to build the knowledge about Web 3.0. The book also discusses about the role of a very unique technology, JADE, in building Semantic web. In addition to this, the book also explains the way to implement a project in Semantic web. Hence, the book will project a great wave of influence on the students interested in implementing projects on research topics.

This book was reviewed by Ms. Assistant Professor Swati Ringe.


The Revolution Of Web
Basic Terms:
How it all happened
Working of a Web server
Evolution of Web
Need For Semantic Web
Simple Activity
Semantic Web’s approach
Benefits of Semantic Web
Introduction To Semantic Web
Defining Semantic Web
Characteristics of Semantic Web
Semantic Web Vs Artificial Intelligence (AI)
SDLC – An Overview
Building-blocks of Semantic Web
Introduction to Ontology
Switching from database to Ontology
Difference between Ontology and taxonomy
Types of Ontology
Why to develop Ontology?
Ontology development life-cycle
Ontology Usage
Advantages of Ontology
Limitations of Ontology
Rdf And Sparql
Introduction to RDF
RDF graph
Constructing RDF
Introduction to SPARQL
Constructing a SPARQL query
Introduction to Protégé
Files in Protégé
History of Swoogle
Implementation of Swoogle
Case-Study Related To Semantic Web
An introduction to E-Commerce
Challenges to E-Commerce
Current scenario
Case study – Implementing a Virtual Travel Agency in Semantic Web
Architecture of the proposed system
About the Author

Educational background:

I completed my Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Fr.Conceicao Rodrigues College Of Engineering, India with a distinction grade. I was awarded the prestigious, SIR RATAN TATA TRUST, scholarship for two consecutive years, for academic excellence. I practically implemented a project on “Semantic Web” during my final year which was a great success.

I have been appreciated and awarded by all the educational institutions where I studied for my excellence in academics.

Current role: Developer at TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.


IBM Certified Associate System Administrator- Lotus Notes and Domino 8
Certificate in Investment Banking Services and Entities (TCS Business Domain Academy)
Certificate in Cloud Computing (TCS Business Domain Academy)

I published a research paper on “Semantic Web Enabled Virtual Travel Agency” which was accepted for publication by four international journals. It is published in IJSER Journal.


I currently work on the technology of Mainframes. My responsibilities include:

Analyzing the business requirement and create Application Design Documents for the same.
Implementing the change in existing system as per the business requirement.
Performing testing and delivering a flawless system to the client.
Professional achievements:

I was rated as a top performer during the induction program and as a token of appreciation I was invited by the management to attend the inauguration ceremony of TCS Office-Gujrat, inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi.

I was chosen to mentor associates to improvise their technical as well as business skills. I am also a core committee member of TCS Maitree-Bibliophile club.




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